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Yesu Nim Wo Mp3 Download Song by Ohemaa Mercy

Ohemaa Mercy – Yesu Nim Wo

Artist: Ohemaa Mercy

Track Title: Yesu Nim Wo

Album: Wobeye Kese

Released: 2015

Country: Ghana

Category: Ghana Gosple Music

Tags: Yesu Nim Wo, Ohemaa Mercy, Ghanaian gospel song, Twi lyrics, declaration of faith, Jesus Christ, savior, traditional Ghanaian rhythms, worship song.

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“Yesu Nim Wo” by Ohemaa Mercy – A Popular Ghanaian Gospel Song

“Yesu Nim Wo” is a popular gospel song by Ghanaian gospel musician Ohemaa Mercy. The song, which translates to “Jesus Christ, You Are My God” in English, is a declaration of faith and trust in Jesus as the Lord and Savior of the singer’s life.

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Ohemaa Mercy, born Mercy Twum-Ampofo, has been in the gospel music industry for over a decade and has released several hit songs that have won her numerous awards. “Yesu Nim Wo” is one of her most popular and beloved songs, and it has been covered by many other gospel artists in Ghana and beyond.

The song opens with the powerful declaration, “Yesu nim wo, na woyi m’ade nyinaa,” which means “Jesus, You are my everything.” Ohemaa Mercy goes on to sing about how Jesus is her rock, her fortress, her deliverer, and her protector. She acknowledges that without Jesus, she is nothing and has nothing, and declares her undying love and devotion to Him.

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The chorus of the song is a simple but powerful repetition of the title phrase, “Yesu nim wo,” which reinforces the central message of the song and serves as a reminder of the singer’s faith and trust in Jesus.

The song’s lyrics are accompanied by a beautiful and upbeat melody that is both uplifting and inspiring. The instrumentation features traditional Ghanaian instruments like the talking drum and the xylophone, which give the song a distinctly African feel.

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“Yesu Nim Wo” has become a staple in many Ghanaian churches and is often sung during worship services and other religious gatherings. The song’s popularity is a testament to Ohemaa Mercy’s talent as a singer and songwriter, as well as to the powerful message of faith and hope that it conveys.

In summary, “Yesu Nim Wo” by Ohemaa Mercy is a beautiful and inspiring gospel song that celebrates the singer’s faith and trust in Jesus as the Lord and Savior of her life. Its powerful lyrics and uplifting melody have made it a beloved song in Ghana and beyond, and it continues to inspire and uplift listeners to this day.

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