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Violent Night Free Download HD 720p is a 2022 USA Christmas activity satire film featuring David Harbor as St Nick Claus, who battles hired fighters who have kidnapped a rich family in their home the plot of the film goes as following On Christmas Eve, St Nick Claus drinks at a Bristol bar and mourns that youngsters have become progressively materialistic, in a world uninformed he really exists.

Taking off with his reindeer and sled, he inadvertently retches on the barkeep. In Greenwich, Connecticut, Jason Lightstone, his alienated spouse Linda, and their girl Trudy visit his mom Gertrude’s manor to observe Christmas with his alcoholic sister Alva, her new beau and wannabe activity star Morgan Steel, and Alva’s web based decoration child Bertrude.

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Finding an old walkie talkie for Trudy to converse with St Nick, Jason and Linda hear her main desire to turn into a family again.WIKI

An world class group of hired soldiers breaks into a family compound on Christmas Eve kidnapping everybody inside.

Be that as it may, they aren’t ready for an unexpected soldier Santa Clause Claus is on the grounds, and he’s going to show why this Scratch is no joke premise out to 101 minutes in an apparently lopsided endeavor to situate itself as another elective occasion classic.

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Scrooge and Thorp escape into the forest with the cash and a hostage Gertrude, sought after by St Nick. Linda kills the last hired soldier, and Trudy sees her folks rejoin with a kiss.

Tricked by Miser, St Nick collides with a lodge, and Penny pincher winds up on the devious rundown and recognizes St Nick is genuine, not entirely settled to kill him and end Christmas.

They battle, and Miser acquires the advantage, yet St Nick utilizes his wizardry to drag him up the lodge’s chimney stack, destroying Tightwad. IMDB

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