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The Old Way Movie Free Download 720p is a 2023 forthcoming American Western movie coordinated by Brett Donowho, from a screenplay via Carl W. Lucas, and featuring Nicolas Enclosure the plot of the film goes as following Once an infamous gun slinger, Colton Briggs covers his previous when he weds and starts a family. Years after the fact, Briggs experiences an individual misfortune when the bandit child of a man he killed gets back to get payback, bringing about the passing of his better half. Joined by his little girl, Briggs embarks to track down his significant other’s executioner and vindicate her. Resigned gunman Colton Briggs faces the results of his past when the child of a man he killed shows up to get his payback. Yet again briggs should wage war after his significant other is killed, and is joined by his young little girl. Colton Briggs is a resigned desperado who carries on with a peaceful existence with his little girl, until a young fellow demonstrates up professing to be the child of a man Briggs had killed years go. WIKI

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The newbie needs to get payback Nicolas Enclosure stars in his very first Western as Colton Briggs, a wanton desperado turned good family man. At the point when a criminal and his group put Colton and his family in danger, Colton is compelled to wage war with an improbable accomplice  his 12 year old girl  in this activity filled film that forms toward its critical standoff with heartbeat beating tension. he Old Way fixates on Colton Briggs , a previous gunman who accepted he had moved on to bigger and better things. Once more however when a group of criminals murder his significant other, Briggs finds his reality broke and should wage war in savagery. Be that as it may, this time, he will not be going alone. Briggs is presently a dad and should bring his young girl along to chase down the one who killed her mom by the name of McCallister a man driven by his own evil presences and disturbed past. An old gun fighter and his little girl should confront the results of his past, when the child of a man he killed quite a while back shows up to get his payback. IMDB

GenreAction, Drama, Upcoming, Western
StarsAbraham Benrubi, Clint Howard, Dean Armstrong, Eddie Spears, Nick Searcy, Nicolas Cage, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Shiloh Fernandez, Skyler Stone
DirectorBrett Donowho
IMDB Ratings 8.8 /10 149 votes
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