The Deep S01E02 720P Hindi Dubbed

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The discovery of the Nektons of the Cronicon takes them to the “floating market”, a paradise for pirates, bandits and thieves. Once there, they meet an informant named Domus, an old school friend of Will and Kaiko, to translate the Lemurian symbols they found in the Cronicon. The family gets the translation of only two symbols, which would mean “Portal” and “Lava” and in the meantime, attacked by pirates, returning to Aronax, barely escaping. The translation of the two symbols the Nekton into an underwater sea cave where they discover an unusual symbol that resembles a labyrinth within a circle. Moments later they are attacked again by the pirates, led by Captain Hammerhead, aboard their submarine called the “Black Orca”. The volcano near the sea cave explodes: the Nekton are chased by Hammerhead on the slopes of the volcano and survive because of the double reinforced titanium hull of the Aronnax, while Hammerhead is forced to stop due to the worst state of the Black Rim. Will, Ant and Fontaine discover not the parchment, but the outer wrapping enclosing the Cronicon shows the symbol they found in the sea cave, and they believe this is just the beginning of their search for Lemuria.

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The Deep S01E02 720P Hindi Dubbed

Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 210 MB

Movie Language: Hindi

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