Steve Chandler

Steve Chandler’s Right Now is his inspiring sequel to the brutally honest story of his addiction recovery, Death Wish.

With his characteristically short, impactful chapters strung together like a chain reaction, Chandler brings us back to the source of all creation and joy: the present moment. We are left not only with a deep appreciation of the beauty of the “now,” but also with many highly-motivating insights into actions we can take RIGHT NOW that we used to think would take a lot of endless preparation and “inner processing.”

Like his bestseller Time Warrior, this book was written to be an antidote to procrastination and worried obsessions about our negative imaginary future. Not only does the skill of living in the moment not make you a couch potato, it actually supplies you with energy you didn’t know you had.

“I wrote this book during the most active time of the Death Wish project,” said Chandler. “We had been shipping copies of that book to treatment centers, addiction counselors, prisons and schools and receiving heartfelt feedback on how a simple book can move people to see life from a place of greater hope and optimism. I wanted to write a book during that uplifting time in my life that expressed the hidden energy contained in the present moment…the infinite creative potential of it.”

Based on his decades of experience as a corporate trainer and business coach, plus the improbable journey his own life has taken from addiction, divorce and bankruptcy, Right Now is short on theories and strategies but long on real world experience.

“I had actually decided after Death Wish to retire from writing,” Chandler said. “I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to say. And there were more than enough books by me out there in the world. But one morning I woke up, and then woke up again. I had just dreamed of a book cover that said RIGHT NOW and I realized that I had to write it. The idea was simple: There are things you can do right now. And there’s a joy you can feel right now.”

Born: 1944 (age 79 years)