Shatta Wale – Realest Thing Ft Damage Musiq

“Realest Thing” is a music track by Ghanaian dancehall artist Shatta Wale, featuring Damage Musiq, a music producer and artist from Jamaica. The song was released in 2021 as part of Shatta Wale’s album “Gift of God” (GOG).
Here are some details about “Realest Thing” by Shatta Wale featuring Damage Musiq:
Artists: Shatta Wale, Damage Musiq
Album: Gift of God (GOG)
Genre: Dancehall
Release Year: 2021
Production: The song was produced by Damage Musiq, who is also featured as an artist on the track. Damage Musiq is known for his production work in the reggae and dancehall genres, and has worked with several notable artists in Jamaica and internationally.
Lyrics: “Realest Thing” features lyrics in English and Patois (Jamaican creole). The song’s lyrics revolve around themes of love, loyalty, and realness in relationships. Shatta Wale and Damage Musiq deliver catchy melodies and energetic vocal performances over an uptempo dancehall beat, creating an upbeat and catchy vibe.
Music Video: As of the knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, there is no official music video for “Realest Thing” released by Shatta Wale or Damage Musiq.
Reception: “Realest Thing” has received positive feedback from fans of Shatta Wale and dancehall music. The song has been praised for its infectious beat, catchy lyrics, and vibrant production.
Collaboration: The collaboration between Shatta Wale and Damage Musiq showcases the fusion of Ghanaian and Jamaican dancehall styles, bringing together two vibrant music cultures. It demonstrates Shatta Wale’s ability to collaborate with international artists and incorporate diverse influences into his music.
Overall, “Realest Thing” by Shatta Wale featuring Damage Musiq is a lively and energetic dancehall track that has been well-received by fans of both artists, showcasing their talents and unique styles in the genre.