Shatta Wale – Hajia Bintu Ft Captan & Ara-B

“Hajia Bintu” is a popular Afrobeats song by Ghanaian musician Shatta Wale, featuring Captan and Ara-B. The song was released on December 2020 and has gained significant popularity both in Ghana and internationally.
Here are some details about “Hajia Bintu” by Shatta Wale ft Captan & Ara-B:
Shatta Wale: Shatta Wale is a Ghanaian dancehall and afrobeats artist known for his energetic performances and unique style. He is one of the most successful and influential musicians in Ghana and has a large following across Africa and beyond.
Captan: Captan is a Ghanaian musician who is part of Shatta Movement, the music label founded by Shatta Wale. He is known for his catchy verses and contributions to the dancehall and afrobeats scene in Ghana.
Ara-B: Ara-B is another Ghanaian musician who has collaborated with Shatta Wale on several occasions. He is known for his dancehall and afrobeats style and has also gained popularity in Ghana’s music industry.
Release Date: “Hajia Bintu” was released on December 2020.
Genre: The song is a fusion of afrobeats and dancehall, which are popular music genres in Ghana and across Africa. It features catchy melodies, energetic beats, and vibrant lyrics.
Lyrics: The lyrics of “Hajia Bintu” revolve around the admiration of a beautiful woman referred to as “Hajia Bintu.” The artists express their attraction to her and praise her physical features. The lyrics are primarily in English, with some lines in Ghanaian Pidgin and other local dialects.
Reception: “Hajia Bintu” has received widespread acclaim from fans of Shatta Wale and afrobeats music. The song has garnered millions of views on YouTube and has been streamed on various music platforms. It has also gained popularity on social media, with fans creating dance challenges and sharing clips of themselves dancing to the song.
Music Video: The official music video for “Hajia Bintu” was released on December 2020 and features Shatta Wale, Captan, and Ara-B. The video showcases vibrant visuals, colorful costumes, and energetic dance moves, which are characteristic of afrobeats music videos.
In summary, “Hajia Bintu” is a popular afrobeats song by Shatta Wale featuring Captan and Ara-B, released in December 2020. It has gained significant popularity in Ghana and beyond, with catchy lyrics, energetic beats, and a vibrant music video.