Shatta Wale Ft. Militants – Thunder Fire

“Thunder Fire” is a song by Ghanaian dancehall artist Shatta Wale featuring his music group, SM Militants. Shatta Wale is known for his energetic and catchy dancehall tunes, and “Thunder Fire” is no exception. The song was released in 2019 and quickly gained popularity in Ghana and other African countries.
The song features an up-tempo dancehall beat with heavy bass and catchy melodies, typical of Shatta Wale’s music style. The lyrics of “Thunder Fire” are in English and Ghanaian Pidgin, and they revolve around themes of love, betrayal, and revenge. Shatta Wale expresses his frustration with a lover who has betrayed him, and he invokes the power of thunder and fire to punish the betrayer.
SM Militants, which stands for Shatta Movement Militants, is a music group formed by Shatta Wale. The group consists of three members: Addi Self, Captan, and Joint 77. In “Thunder Fire,” the SM Militants provide additional vocals, harmonies, and ad-libs, adding to the overall energy and vibe of the song.
“Thunder Fire” was accompanied by a music video, which was directed by Sire Choppenson. The video features Shatta Wale and SM Militants in various colorful and energetic scenes, dancing and performing with their trademark style. The video has garnered millions of views on YouTube, further adding to the popularity of the song.
Overall, “Thunder Fire” by Shatta Wale featuring SM Militants is a lively and catchy dancehall tune that showcases Shatta Wale’s unique music style and the talents of SM Militants. It has been well-received by fans of Ghanaian music and has further solidified Shatta Wale’s status as one of the leading dancehall artists in Africa.