Shatta Wale – Everybody Like My Ting

Shatta Wale is a Ghanaian dancehall and reggae artist known for his energetic performances and catchy tunes. “Everybody Like My Ting” is one of his popular songs, released in 2019. Here are some details about the song:
Release Date: “Everybody Like My Ting” was released on October 1, 2019.
Genre: The song falls under the dancehall and reggae genres, which are popular styles of music in the Caribbean and West Africa.
Artist: The song is performed by Shatta Wale, whose real name is Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr. He is known for his unique style of combining Ghanaian highlife music with dancehall and reggae influences.
Lyrics: The lyrics of “Everybody Like My Ting” are in English, with some local Ghanaian dialects incorporated. The song features playful and boastful lyrics, where Shatta Wale sings about his confidence and popularity with the ladies.
Production: The song’s production is characterized by heavy, rhythmic beats, and catchy melodies that are typical of dancehall and reggae music.
Reception: “Everybody Like My Ting” has been well-received by fans of Shatta Wale and dancehall/reggae music in Ghana and beyond. The song has garnered millions of views and streams on various online platforms, and has become a favorite at parties, clubs, and social gatherings.
Music Video: The official music video for “Everybody Like My Ting” was released on October 2, 2019, on Shatta Wale’s YouTube channel. The video features vibrant visuals, energetic dance moves, and showcases Shatta Wale’s charismatic stage presence.
Collaborations: “Everybody Like My Ting” does not feature any known collaborations with other artists. It is a solo track by Shatta Wale.
Awards: As of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, “Everybody Like My Ting” has not won any major awards, but it has been nominated for various awards in Ghana and other African countries.
Overall, “Everybody Like My Ting” is a popular dancehall/reggae track by Shatta Wale that showcases his unique style and charisma as a Ghanaian artist.