Shatta Wale – Borjor

Shatta Wale’s song “Borjor” is a popular afrobeats/dancehall track released by the Ghanaian musician and dancehall artist Shatta Wale in 2019. The song was produced by Ghanaian music producer Gigz Beatz and features catchy lyrics and an infectious beat that has made it a hit in Ghana and beyond.

Here are some details about Shatta Wale’s “Borjor”:

Release date: “Borjor” was released on October 19, 2019.
Genre: The song is classified as afrobeats/dancehall, which is a popular genre of music that originated in West Africa, blending African rhythms and melodies with modern hip-hop, dancehall, and reggae influences.
Length: The song has a duration of 3 minutes and 7 seconds.
Language: The song is predominantly in English, with some lyrics in Pidgin English and Ghanaian local dialects.
Producer: “Borjor” was produced by Gigz Beatz, a Ghanaian music producer known for his work in the afrobeats and dancehall genres.
Label: The song was released under the label Shatta Movement Empire, which is Shatta Wale’s own record label.
Music video: A music video for “Borjor” was released on October 19, 2019, alongside the audio. The video features vibrant visuals, energetic dance moves, and showcases Shatta Wale’s charismatic performance style.
Lyrics: The lyrics of “Borjor” revolve around themes of love, relationships, and partying. The word “Borjor” is a Ghanaian slang term that refers to a lavish or flamboyant lifestyle, and the song’s lyrics celebrate living life to the fullest and enjoying the moment.
Since its release, “Borjor” has gained millions of views on YouTube and has become a fan-favorite in Shatta Wale’s discography, showcasing his unique blend of afrobeats and dancehall music styles.