Ohemaa Mercy – Yesu Mtumia

“Yesu Mtumia” is a gospel song by Ohemaa Mercy, a renowned Ghanaian gospel artist. The song is sung in Swahili, a language widely spoken in East Africa, and its title translates to “Jesus the Servant” in English.

The song was released on Ohemaa Mercy’s album, “Aforebo,” in 2017. It was produced by Kaywa, a prominent Ghanaian music producer known for producing hit songs for various artists across Africa.

“Yesu Mtumia” is a powerful worship song that praises Jesus Christ as the ultimate servant and Savior of humanity. The song’s lyrics express gratitude and awe for Christ’s selflessness and sacrifice on the cross, as well as his unfailing love and grace towards humanity.

Ohemaa Mercy’s vocals on the song are soulful and heartfelt, and the instrumentation is a fusion of contemporary African gospel and traditional Swahili music. The song’s arrangement is dynamic and creates a dynamic atmosphere of worship and praise.

“Yesu Mtumia” has been well-received by fans of African gospel music, and it has been featured on various gospel music platforms across Africa. The song is a testament to Ohemaa Mercy’s talent as a songwriter and gospel artist, and it is a must-listen for fans of African gospel music.