Ohemaa Mercy – Oye Bi Mame

“Oye Bi Mame” is a popular gospel song by Ghanaian gospel musician Ohemaa Mercy. The title can be translated to mean “He (God) is worthy to be praised.”

The song was released in 2014 as part of Ohemaa Mercy’s album titled “Aforebo.” It is a slow and soulful worship song that expresses gratitude to God for his goodness and mercy. The lyrics are in the Twi language, which is widely spoken in Ghana.

The song begins with the lyrics, “Oye bi mame, mawɔn brɛ mo nhyira / Yesu ne me hwɛ a ɛyɛ / Wɔn a wɔde bɛgye wo / Wɔn a wɔkɔ nokware wo” which translates to “He is worthy to be praised, let me declare your blessings / Jesus when I look at myself / Those who thought they will disgrace you / Those who thought they knew you inside out.”

Throughout the song, Ohemaa Mercy praises God for his love, faithfulness, and the good things he has done. She encourages listeners to put their trust in God, even in difficult times, because he is always faithful.

“Oye Bi Mame” has become a popular worship song in Ghana and is often sung in churches and at gospel music events. Its powerful message and beautiful melody have made it a favorite among gospel music fans both in Ghana and around the world.