Ohemaa Mercy – Ne Hwere Nfi Wo

Ohemaa Mercy is a renowned Ghanaian gospel singer and songwriter, known for her powerful and soulful music. “Ne Hwere Nfi Wo” is one of the popular songs from her 2018 album “My Set Time”. The album was produced by Kaywa, one of the leading music producers in Ghana, and features a blend of contemporary and traditional Ghanaian gospel music.

The song “Ne Hwere Nfi Wo” is sung in the Twi language, which is one of the major languages spoken in Ghana. The title translates to “I Will Hide in You” in English. The lyrics of the song express a deep trust and surrender to God, with the singer declaring her reliance on God’s strength and protection.

The song has become a popular worship song in Ghana and beyond, with many people finding comfort and inspiration in its lyrics. Ohemaa Mercy has won numerous awards and accolades for her contribution to gospel music in Ghana and beyond, and continues to inspire and uplift many with her music.