Ohemaa Mercy ft. MOGmusic – Ote Me Mu

“Ohemaa Mercy ft. MOGmusic – Ote Me Mu” is a collaboration between two Ghanaian gospel music artists, Ohemaa Mercy and MOGmusic. The song “Ote Me Mu” is a contemporary Ghanaian gospel song that was released in 2021. Here are some details about the song:


Ohemaa Mercy: Ohemaa Mercy, whose real name is Mercy Twum-Ampofo, is a renowned Ghanaian gospel singer, songwriter, and minister. She is known for her soulful and powerful vocals and has released several albums throughout her music career. Ohemaa Mercy is a multiple award-winning artist and has contributed greatly to the growth of gospel music in Ghana and beyond.

MOGmusic: MOGmusic, whose real name is Pastor Nana Yaw Boakye-Yiadom, is a Ghanaian gospel musician, worshipper, and songwriter. He is known for his anointed worship songs and has gained popularity for his soul-stirring performances. MOGmusic is also a pastor and has a strong following in the Christian community in Ghana and beyond.

Title: “Ote Me Mu”

“Ote Me Mu” translates to “He Lives In Me” in English, and it is a powerful declaration of the indwelling presence of God in the lives of believers. The song exalts and magnifies the greatness of God and encourages listeners to trust in His unwavering presence and power in their lives.
Genre: Gospel

“Ote Me Mu” falls under the gospel genre, which is a genre of Christian music that focuses on spreading the message of the Christian faith through song. It typically features lyrics that express personal faith, praise, worship, and testimony, and is characterized by its uplifting melodies and heartfelt vocals.
Language: Twi and English

The song “Ote Me Mu” is predominantly sung in Twi, which is a major language spoken in Ghana. However, it also includes some English lyrics, making it accessible to a wider audience.
Release Year: 2021

“Ote Me Mu” was released in 2021, and it has since gained popularity in the Ghanaian and African gospel music scenes. The song is available on various online music platforms and has been widely received by fans of Ohemaa Mercy, MOGmusic, and gospel music enthusiasts in general.
Collaboration: Ohemaa Mercy ft. MOGmusic

“Ote Me Mu” is a collaboration between Ohemaa Mercy and MOGmusic, two prominent gospel artists from Ghana. The collaboration brings together their unique vocal styles and ministerial anointing to create a powerful worship experience for listeners.
Message: Worship and Declaration of God’s Presence

The message of “Ote Me Mu” centers on worship and the declaration of God’s presence in the lives of believers. The song acknowledges God’s greatness, faithfulness, and unfailing love, and encourages listeners to trust in Him in every season of life. The lyrics express deep reverence and awe for God, proclaiming His sovereignty and declaring that He lives in the hearts of His people.
Production: High-quality Production

“Ote Me Mu” is well-produced, featuring high-quality sound production, instrumentation, and vocal delivery. The song incorporates a blend of contemporary African gospel music elements, such as rhythmic African drums, melodic guitar lines, and rich vocal harmonies, which adds to its unique and captivating appeal.
In summary, “Ohemaa Mercy ft. MOGmusic – Ote Me Mu” is a powerful and uplifting gospel song that features the collaboration of two renowned Ghanaian gospel artists. The song is sung in Twi and English, and it carries a message of worship