Ohemaa Mercy – Fa Woho To No So

“Ohemaa Mercy – Fa Woho To No So” is a gospel song by Ohemaa Mercy, a Ghanaian gospel musician. The title of the song is in the Twi language, which is spoken in Ghana, and it translates to “Take A Look At Him”.

The song is an expression of gratitude and praise to God for His faithfulness and goodness towards humanity. It encourages listeners to reflect on the goodness of God in their lives and to give Him the praise and worship that He deserves.

The lyrics of the song are rich in biblical references and are delivered in a blend of Twi and English. The song features a slow and soulful melody that is typical of African gospel music, with a mix of percussion instruments and keyboards.

“Ohemaa Mercy – Fa Woho To No So” has become a popular worship song in Ghana and beyond, and has earned Ohemaa Mercy several awards and nominations for her contribution to gospel music in Africa.