Skill Currency exchange transaction refund

We made a mistake. Here’s what happened:
Our terms and conditions for Skrill were not clear enough in explaining how we set our exchange rate so you paid more than you should have done. The terms and conditions referred to the Reuters rate as the rate we were using for currency conversions and we were instead using a reference exchange rate set by us. We have now updated our terms and conditions to confirm how our exchange rates are set.

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We want to fix it. We’re giving you a refund.
To put things right, we have arranged for 0.5% of all relevant currency exchange transactions to be refunded to you. We have also added 8% per annum simple interest to the amount of the currency exchange transaction being refunded from the date of each transaction. This will put you in the position you would have been in if our exchange rates had been set in the way previously described in our terms and conditions.

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EUR 0.49 plus applicable interest will be credited to your account.
The refund will be in your Skrill account within 10 days. For a period of 90 days from the date the amount is credited to your account, your next withdrawal will be fee free and so you can withdraw some or all of the refunded amount with zero withdrawal fees. Contact us if you need assistance withdrawing the funds.

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