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Sarkodie, one of Ghana’s most renowned and accomplished musicians, released a hit song titled “Happy Day” featuring Kuami Eugene in November 2020. The song quickly gained widespread popularity both in Ghana and internationally, with its catchy beat, meaningful lyrics, and impressive vocals.

“Happy Day” is a vibrant afrobeats track that blends modern afrobeats elements with Ghanaian highlife and hiplife influences, creating an infectious and danceable tune. The song features Sarkodie’s signature rap style, complemented by Kuami Eugene’s soulful singing, making for a dynamic collaboration between two of Ghana‘s biggest music stars.

One of the standout features of “Happy Day” is its positive and uplifting message. The song is an ode to gratitude and celebration of life’s blessings, emphasizing the importance of appreciating the good things in life and spreading joy. The lyrics convey a sense of happiness and contentment, as Sarkodie and Kuami Eugene express their gratitude for the success, love, and joy they have experienced in their lives.

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The music video for “Happy Day” also garnered significant attention. Directed by Ghanaian filmmaker Prince Dovlo, the video features vibrant visuals, showcasing Ghanaian culture and lifestyle, along with energetic dance moves and colorful costumes that add to the overall celebratory atmosphere of the song.

“Happy Day” was released during a crucial time in Ghana’s political landscape, as it coincided with the country’s general elections in December 2020. The song gained attention for its politically charged lyrics, with Sarkodie expressing his support for Ghana’s incumbent President Nana Akufo-Addo, and praising him for his achievements. This caused some controversy and sparked debates, with fans and critics alike sharing diverse opinions on the song’s political undertones.

Despite the controversy, “Happy Day” was a commercial success. The song topped various music charts in Ghana and received widespread airplay on radio stations and streaming platforms. It also gained international recognition, with many music enthusiasts outside of Ghana taking notice of Sarkodie and Kuami Eugene’s talents.

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In conclusion, “Happy Day” by Sarkodie featuring Kuami Eugene is a catchy and uplifting afrobeats song that resonated with audiences in Ghana and beyond. Its positive message, infectious beat, and impressive vocals made it a chart-topping hit and further solidified Sarkodie and Kuami Eugene’s status as leading stars in Ghana’s music industry.

About Happy Day

Featured artist: Kuami Eugene

Album: Happy Day

Artist: Sarkodie

Released: 2020

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