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Mahama Paper Mp3 Download Song by Shatta Wale

About Mahama Paper Song by Shatta Wale

Track Title: Mahama Paper

Released: 2016

Artist: Shatta Wale

Album: After the Storm

Category: Ghana Music

Country: Ghana, West Africa

Tags: Shatta Wale, Mahama Paper, Ghanaian music, African music, John Mahama, dancehall music, Pidgin English, hit song.

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“Mahama Paper” by Shatta Wale – A Tribute to Ghanaian President John Mahama

“Mahama Paper” is a popular song by Ghanaian dancehall artist, Shatta Wale. The song was released in 2016 and quickly became a hit, garnering over 2 million views on YouTube in just a few months. The song is named after John Dramani Mahama, who was the President of Ghana at the time of the song’s release.

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The song’s lyrics express support for Mahama’s political campaign and highlight some of the achievements of his administration. Shatta Wale praises Mahama for his efforts in improving Ghana’s infrastructure, creating jobs, and providing free education for students in Ghana. He also expresses his confidence that Mahama will continue to work hard for the betterment of Ghana.

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The music video for “Mahama Paper” features Shatta Wale and his crew performing in various locations around Ghana, including a market, a beach, and a nightclub. The video also features footage of Mahama speaking at a political rally, as well as clips of his supporters dancing and celebrating.

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The song’s popularity has been attributed to its catchy melody and upbeat rhythm, as well as Shatta Wale’s enthusiastic delivery. However, the song has also been criticized by some for its political content and perceived endorsement of Mahama’s campaign.

Overall, “Mahama Paper” remains one of Shatta Wale’s most popular songs and has become a cultural phenomenon in Ghana. The song’s message of hope and support for Ghana’s leaders resonates with many Ghanaians, and it has been embraced as a symbol of national pride and unity.

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