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It’s Not Easy Mp3 Download Song By Lucky Dube

Album: House of Exile

Artist: Lucky Dube

Released: 1991

Genre: Reggae

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“It's Not Easy” by Lucky Dube: A Powerful Reggae Song with Social Commentary

“It's Not Easy” is a popular reggae song by the late South African reggae artist Lucky Dube, released in 1994 as part of his album “Prisoner”. The song is known for its powerful lyrics and social commentary, addressing issues such as poverty, inequality, and social injustice.

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Lucky Dube, born in 1964 in Ermelo, South Africa, was one of the most prominent reggae artists from Africa. He used his music as a platform to speak out against apartheid, racial discrimination, and social injustices faced by people in South Africa and beyond. “It's Not Easy” is a prime example of his music's powerful impact and ability to convey important messages through his soulful voice and engaging melodies.

The lyrics of “It's Not Easy” highlight the struggles faced by many people living in poverty. The song depicts the harsh reality of life for those who are marginalized, neglected, and forgotten by society. The lyrics tell the story of a young man who grows up in poverty, witnessing the struggles of his parents and community. He dreams of a better life, but realizes that it's not easy to break free from the cycle of poverty and inequality.

The song's chorus, “It's not easy, it's not easy // When you have to beg every day of your life,” is particularly poignant, capturing the desperation and hopelessness that many people living in poverty face. It conveys the message that poverty is not a choice, but a result of systemic and societal issues that are beyond the control of individuals. Lucky Dube's powerful vocals and emotive delivery add depth and authenticity to the song, making it resonate with listeners on a personal and emotional level.

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In addition to addressing poverty, “It's Not Easy” also touches on other social issues such as corruption and discrimination. The lyrics mention how the rich get richer while the poor struggle to make ends meet, and how corruption is rampant in society, further exacerbating the plight of the less fortunate. Lucky Dube's socially conscious lyrics shed light on the harsh realities faced by many in society, and he uses his music as a tool for advocacy and social change.

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Beyond its powerful lyrics, “It's Not Easy” is also notable for its catchy reggae rhythm and instrumentation. The song features the distinctive reggae elements of guitar skanks, a steady bassline, and upbeat drums that create an infectious groove. Lucky Dube's smooth vocal delivery and his ability to fuse reggae with African rhythms and melodies make the song unique and memorable.

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In conclusion, “It's Not Easy” by Lucky Dube is a powerful reggae song that addresses important social issues such as poverty, inequality, corruption, and discrimination. With its poignant lyrics, soulful vocals, and catchy reggae rhythm, the song is a testament to Lucky Dube's musical talent and his commitment to using his music as a form of social commentary and advocacy. Over two decades after its release, “It's Not Easy” remains a relevant and thought-provoking piece of music that continues to inspire and resonate with listeners around the world.

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