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Only Me Mp3 Download Song by Dolly HP Ft Billirano

Dolly HP Ft Billirano – Only Me

Artist: Dolly HP

Track Title: Only Me

Featured artist: Billirano

Album: Only Me

Country: Nigeria

Category: Naija Music

Tags: Only Me, Dolly HP, Billirano, Afro-pop, individuality, self-confidence, empowerment, Nigerian music, catchy tune.

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“Only Me” by Dolly HP ft. Billirano – A Catchy Afro-Pop Song Celebrating Individuality

“Only Me” is a collaborative song by Dolly HP and Billirano. The track was released in 2021 and quickly gained popularity within the Nigerian music industry. The song features a mix of Afrobeat and Highlife music genres, creating a unique sound that stands out from the usual mainstream Nigerian music.

Dolly HP is a Nigerian singer and songwriter known for her soulful and energetic performances. She has collaborated with several other artists, including Olamide and Small Doctor. Billirano, on the other hand, is an upcoming artist who has been making waves in the Nigerian music industry with his unique style and sound.

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The song “Only Me” tells a story of self-love and confidence. The lyrics encourage listeners to believe in themselves and their abilities, even when others may doubt them. The chorus of the song repeats the phrase “Only Me”, emphasizing the importance of self-belief and individuality.

The song's instrumentals are upbeat and lively, featuring a blend of traditional African rhythms and contemporary sounds. The use of the trumpet and saxophone in the track gives it a distinct Highlife feel, while the use of electronic beats adds a modern touch.

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The music video for “Only Me” is colorful and vibrant, featuring both Dolly HP and Billirano in different settings. The video showcases the artists' individual styles and personalities, while also conveying the message of the song.

Overall, “Only Me” is a catchy and upbeat track that encourages listeners to embrace their uniqueness and believe in themselves. The collaboration between Dolly HP and Billirano is a testament to the creative talent present in the Nigerian music industry.

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