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About Emere Pa Beba

Artist: Daddy Lumba

Track Title: Emere Pa Beba

Album: Ma To Odo Mu

Released: 2000

Country: Ghana

Category: Ghana Music

Tags: Emere Pa Beba, Daddy Lumba, highlife music, Ghanaian music, Ghanaian musician, classic song, catchy beats, lively instrumentation, uplifting message, righteous life, good deeds.

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“Emere Pa Beba”: A Classic Highlife Song by Daddy Lumba

“Emere Pa Beba” is a popular highlife song by Daddy Lumba, one of Ghana’s most celebrated musicians. The song, which was released in the mid-1990s, has remained a fan favorite due to its catchy beat, danceable rhythm, and relatable lyrics.

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The song’s title, “Emere Pa Beba,” is in Twi, a language spoken in Ghana. It translates to “good things will come to those who persevere.” This theme of perseverance and hope is evident throughout the song’s lyrics. Daddy Lumba encourages his listeners to stay strong and keep working hard, even in the face of adversity, as good things are sure to come their way.

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In the opening lines of the song, Daddy Lumba sings, “Yen ara asaase ni, na yɛntie obiaa” which means “this is our land, and we will not be afraid of anyone.” This sets the tone for the rest of the song, as Daddy Lumba implores his listeners to be confident and unafraid in the pursuit of their dreams.

The chorus of the song is particularly catchy, with Daddy Lumba singing, “Emere pa beba, na mahu wo nka bɛyɛ a, ɛba wo nso na wo se wo yɛ bɛkɔ” which means “good things will come to you, and when they do, don’t forget to say that you’re going.” This line reinforces the importance of humility and gratitude, even in the midst of success.

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“Emere Pa Beba” is a song that continues to resonate with audiences across Ghana and beyond. Its message of hope and perseverance is one that is relevant to people of all ages and backgrounds, and its catchy beat and rhythm make it a joy to listen and dance to. Daddy Lumba’s legacy as one of Ghana’s most beloved musicians is only further cemented by the enduring popularity of this timeless classic.

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