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Bullet Addresses Ongoing Speculations About His Artists’ Untimely Demises

Ricky Nana Agyemang, widely known as Bullet, a renowned Ghanaian artist manager, has expressed his frustration over the persistent claims that he sacrifices his artists when they reach the pinnacle of their careers.

Since 2018, Bullet has been plagued by allegations and accusations regarding the tragic passing of his first female artist, Ebony Reigns. Although Ebony's death was a result of a tragic car accident, some online voices have unjustly pointed fingers at Bullet, blaming him for her demise.

Notably, Ebony's father, Nana Opoku Kwarteng, has accused Bullet of negligence in connection with her death, while others have gone so far as to claim that he had a hand in her demise.

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Recently, with Wendy Shay's close call in a near-fatal accident, these allegations have resurfaced and intensified, causing even more distress for Bullet.

Bullet has described these allegations as both disheartening and baseless, emphasizing that they lack any logical foundation. He shared his frustration during an interview with Andy Dosty, stating, “Now more people are saying that Bullet is an occultist, Bullet is into occultism, Bullet has been sacrificing his artistes, but it just doesn't make sense. They say anytime my artistes are in their prime, I kill them and bring in another one.”

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Bullet also provided details about the circumstances surrounding Wendy Shay's accident and her current condition, saying, “She just produced two singles so she went out to shoot content. She has a nose fracture.”

Watch the video for more insights into the interview.


What are the accusations against Bullet regarding the deaths of his artists, and how has this controversy been reignited following Wendy Shay's accident?

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How has Bullet responded to these allegations, and what explanation has he provided for Wendy Shay's recent accident?

Can you provide more information on Wendy Shay's current condition and the circumstances surrounding her accident?


This post sheds light on a controversial topic in the Ghanaian music industry and the accusations surrounding Bullet's management of his artists. To gain a deeper understanding, it would be advisable to seek additional sources and opinions on this matter. Additionally, it's important to show empathy and support for artists like Wendy Shay who have faced life-threatening situations.

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