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About Born To Suffer Song by Lucky Dube

Album:Β Captured Live

Artist:Β Lucky Dube

Released:Β 1990

Tags: Born to Suffer, Lucky Dube, reggae, African music, struggles, hardships, resilience, social commentary, emotional depth.

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“Born to Suffer” by Lucky Dube: A Powerful Reggae Reflection on Life’s Hardships

“Born to Suffer” is a reggae song by the late South African musician Lucky Dube, who was known for his socially conscious lyrics and powerful vocals. The song was released in 1991 as part of his album “Prisoner”, which was one of his most successful albums.

The lyrics of “Born to Suffer” are a reflection of the social and political struggles faced by black people during the apartheid era in South Africa, a system of racial segregation and discrimination that was in place from 1948 to the early 1990s. The song speaks to the suffering and oppression endured by black people under apartheid, with Lucky Dube lamenting the injustices and inequality they faced. The lyrics highlight the pain, injustice, and inequality experienced by black people, particularly in their own land where they are treated as second-class citizens.

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The song opens with the lyrics, “Born to suffer, yeah / In a world of hate / Full of destruction / Corruption and deceit.” These lines convey the harsh reality of living in a world where discrimination, hate, and corruption are prevalent, and how the marginalized communities, particularly black people, are often the ones who suffer the most.

Lucky Dube’s passionate and emotive vocals, combined with the pulsating reggae rhythm, create a powerful and moving atmosphere in the song. His lyrics are a call for justice, equality, and freedom, urging listeners to stand up against oppression and fight for their rights.

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Throughout the song, Lucky Dube touches on various themes related to apartheid, such as land dispossession, racial discrimination, police brutality, and the suffering of black people. He sings about the struggles faced by black people in their daily lives, including the lack of access to basic necessities like water and food, and the constant fear of violence and persecution.

One of the standout lines in the song is, “I am an African / Not because I was born in Africa / But because Africa is born in me.” This line encapsulates Lucky Dube’s deep connection and pride in his African heritage, despite the challenges and suffering he faced as a black man in apartheid-era South Africa. It also speaks to the resilience and strength of the African people, who have endured centuries of oppression and discrimination.

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“Born to Suffer” is not only a reflection of the apartheid era in South Africa but also serves as a universal anthem for anyone who has faced discrimination, injustice, and oppression. The song’s powerful message of standing up against injustice and fighting for equality resonates with people all over the world, making it one of Lucky Dube’s most iconic and enduring songs.

Tragically, Lucky Dube was shot and killed in 2007 during an attempted carjacking in Johannesburg, South Africa, leaving behind a legacy of powerful music that continues to inspire and resonate with people to this day. “Born to Suffer” remains a testament to his talent as a musician and his unwavering commitment to speaking out against social injustices through his music.

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