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Be Afraid Mp3 Download Song By Shatta Wale Ft Medikal, Gold Up & Markus Myrie

About Be Afraid Song By Shatta Wale Ft Medikal, Gold Up & Markus Myrie

Album: Be Afraid (Remix)

Artists: Shatta Wale, Medikal, Gold Up, Markus Myrie

Released: 2021

Tags: “Be Afraid”, Shatta Wale, Medikal, Gold Up, Markus Myrie, dancehall, collaboration, Ghanaian music, Jamaican music, afrobeat, reggae fusion.

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“Be Afraid” Song by Shatta Wale ft. Medikal, Gold Up & Markus Myrie – Energetic Dancehall Collaboration

“Be Afraid” is a song by Ghanaian dancehall artist Shatta Wale featuring Ghanaian rapper Medikal, Jamaican producer Gold Up, and Jamaican musician Markus Myrie. The song was released in 2022 and is a fusion of Afrobeat, dancehall, and reggae genres. It features energetic vocals, catchy melodies, and vibrant beats that are characteristic of Shatta Wale's music.

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The lyrics of “Be Afraid” revolve around themes of confidence, success, and resilience in the face of challenges and adversaries. Shatta Wale and Medikal deliver powerful verses filled with bravado, asserting their dominance and fearlessness in the music industry and beyond. Markus Myrie adds his Jamaican flair with his smooth vocals and Gold Up's production brings together the best of African and Caribbean musical influences, creating a dynamic and captivating sound.

The song's chorus is a rallying call to all those who doubt or underestimate the artists, challenging them to “be afraid” of their determination and drive to succeed. The song's upbeat tempo and infectious rhythm make it a popular choice for parties and dancefloors, as it encourages listeners to be bold, confident, and unafraid of chasing their dreams.

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Overall, “Be Afraid” is an exciting collaboration between Shatta Wale, Medikal, Gold Up, and Markus Myrie, showcasing their unique talents and musical styles, and delivering a powerful message of self-assurance and fearlessness.

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